1. Dont spam the wiki

Please when your making pages don't spam the wiki. Don't think 'Oh I'm helping the wiki by adding pages and photos' DON'T add random pages and photos. If you do, you will get a special personal warning, from me, the founder of this wiki.

2. Don't be innapropriate

If you type bad words thinking, 'Hey, this wiki is a FanFiction and In the FanFic they swear so i can on the wiki' No you CAN NOT. I will type cuss words if needed to portray the character's actions and emotions, but at most times I will avoid cussing. And so should you. If you dont follow this rule, you will get a punishment.


Alright, this is the golden rule. If you bully, YOU will get attention but not in the good way, which you may be hoping for. YOU WILL BE PUNISHED SEVERLY. Probably kicked off of the wiki and banned. You are being a bully when you're rude to people on the wiki. You are being the person people roll their eyes at when they scroll the wiki activity and think you are childish, immature, and mean-spirited. Please don't be that person. Also, If you see someone being a bully and I haven't acted on it, that means I'm offline, so please help and stop them and if they don't post on my talk page. I'll always help. And if you don't help, that person annoys you, me, and everyone on the wiki.

Thank you all. I don't mean to mean, but this needs to be inforced. Rules help. So these are the wiki rules. Please take time to read all of this page. And dont comment rudely on this page or my talk page, if you want to, you can, but I suggest you read the #3 rule first, therefore you known you will be punished and banned.

Thank you again.

Sincerely, Skye Supergleek101 02:03, July 21, 2012 (UTC)